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One of the largest clusters of Terracotta and Pottery in India, the name Asharikandi means shedding tears in the month of Axar (June-July)- as heavy sub-tropical rainfall creates misery to the potters. The village is situated in the Dhubri district of Assam, India. The village is famous for its traditional crafts, Terracotta and Pottery. The making of terracotta pottery is a piece of art and is created by a fascinating process with grace and dedication and the time taken to make such a masterpiece is what makes terracotta so valuable and expensive. The soil HIRAMATI is the soul of this craft and there are huge reserves of these soil in surrounding areas of Dhubriand the potters use the cheapest means of transport like boat as the village is just on the bank of the river Gadadhar. For the purpose of selling the products, both the surface transport and water transport are availed. The closeness of the village to Brahmaputra has given a great an advantage for shipping network with the major cities