Manas National Park

Posted By : Panchoi/ 624

A place where one can find most exotic living harmony in one plate. Manas is as diverse as biosphere reserve, a natural World Heritage Site (declared by UNESCO), Project Tiger Reserve, Project Elephant Reserve all at the same time. Located in the Himalayan foothills the park is known for its rare and endangered endemic wildlife such as the Assam Roofed turtle, Hispid Hare, Golden Langur wild Water Buffalo and Pigmy Hog. The sanctuary has recorded 55 species of mammals, 380 species of birds, 50 of reptiles, and 3 species of amphibians. Out of these wildlife, 21 mammals are India’s Schedule I mammals and 31 of them are threatened. There are two major biomes present in Manas. The grassland biomes consist of Pygmy Hog, Indian Rhinoceroses, Bengal florican, wild Asian Buffalo etc. The forest biomes consist of Slow Lori, Capped Langur, Wild Pig, Sambar, Great Hornbil, Malayan Gaint Squirrel Chinese Pangolion etc. Often called as home to Royal Bengal tiger and Wild Buffaloes, Manas National Park offers visitors a countless of activities to appreciate the diversity of the region. If someone want a wholesome and fulfilling experience amidst nature, it is the place to be.