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This small town nestled 6,000 feet above sea level in the Menchukha Valley in West Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh and located in 180 kilometres northwest of Along and is only 29 kilometres away from Indo-Chaina border. Menchukha is situated in a forested valley, surrounded by pine trees and thorn bushes. Almost right on the China border, in the far East corner of Arunachal, Menchukha can be reckoned as if it is the continuity of Tibet, from where emerges the most beautiful Syiang River. In Tibet this river is known as ‘YarlangTsangpo’. Its crystal-clear water meanders through the valley, quite playfully and spreading widely, and ultimately turning out to be the mighty Bramhaputra, as it flows downwards.  The name Men-chu-kha means medicinal water of snow where men are medicine, chu is water and kha is snow though kha also means mouth. The Valley is home to the people of the Memba and Ramo. Other local peoples include Libo tribes and Tagin tribes. Religions practiced in the valley include Tibetan Buddhism, Don-Yi-Polo (Sun and Moon) and Christianity. The 400-year-old SamtenYongcha monastery of Mahayana Buddhist sect is a contemporary of the much-revered Tawang monastery. Menchukha is gradually becoming a popular tourist destination in Arunachal Pradesh due to its scenic beauty, exotic tribes, gentle hills and snow-capped mountains and River Syiang (locally known as Yargyap Chu).Needless to say, theMenchukha valley is a heaven for nature lovers and adventures.